Rabu, 30 November 2011

Cloud Computing to Grow 1200% by 2015

According to the first Cisco Global Cloud Index, cloud computing traffic globally is expected to grow 1200% from 130 exabytes to 1.6 zettabytes annually by 2015. This is about a sixty-six percent growth rate per year.
One zettabyte is a 5extillion bytes or a trillion gigabytes. And 1.6 zettabytes is around 22 trillion hours of streaming music or 5 trillion hours of business web conferencing with a web cam or 1.6 trillion hours of online high definition video streaming.
Today, cloud computing is estimate to be eleven percent of data center traffic and is estimated to be more than thirty-three percent of data center traffic by 2015. Cloud computing is the future of information technology for delivering video and content.
Most of the cloud computing traffic is not initiated by the end users of services, but is the result of data centers and clouds themselves performing activities that are virtually transparent to the end users, like replication and backup.
By 2015, seventy-five percent of data center traffic will remain within the data center itself, while only seventeen percent of the total traffic will be sent to end users. The remaining traffic is expected to be generated through exchanges between data centers through activities such as cloud bursting, data replication and updates.
Cisco expects to develop and release the Cisco Global Cloud Index on a regular and annual basis.

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